Reality Check For Excuse makers (What’s Stopping You?)

Reality Check For Excuse Makers

noexcuses 2 300x224 Reality Check For Excuse makers (Whats Stopping You?)

Absolutely No Excuses Accepted

If you want respect in life, you simply cannot be an excuse maker!


I know, your situation is different…


I get it…

- too tired

- no time

- no money

- no car

- sore knees


Now.. dig a little deeper..


Really ask yourself if you CAN’T…


Or whether you’ve just allowed that to become your belief?


Now watch this video…  and then tell me…

Reality Check For Excuse Makers




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How To Double Your Fat Loss Results

Double Your Fat Loss with Battling Ropes 2 300x200 How To Double Your Fat Loss Results

Fastest Fat Loss Possible

Well maybe “Double” is a bit exaggerated, but if you want the maximum possible fat loss from the time you spend training, you need to get yourself as out of breath as possible.

The Battling Ropes of Death are called such, because a very short bout of all out effort with “Battling Ropes” can pretty much wipe you out!


0 How To Double Your Fat Loss Results



How do Battling Ropes Double Your Fat Loss Results?

Traditional steady state cardio such as jogging burns around 300-500 kcal per hour.  But these are the only calories you burn.  If you want to burn off 1 lb of fat or 3,500 kcal, you’ll need 10 straight days of jogging for a whole hour.  With high intensity interval training and exercises like the Battling Ropes, your rate of calorie expenditure is much higher.  With such high rates of calorie expenditure come a heavily out-of breath feeling.  This feeling is due to an oxygen shortage.  The O2 shortage is made up for by an excess of O2 consumption for up to 38 hours post-exercise.  And the magic part is that excess O2 consumption causes an increase in the number of calories being burned.

So after one of our PhysXtreme Bootcamp workouts, your body is using more calories for the next day and a half compared to traditional fat loss workouts.  This is why our members typically lose 2 pounds of bodyfat every 10 days or “double” what the traditional steady state fat loss training can do.  AND.. this is just with 3 bootcamp workouts per week compared to an hour of mind-numbing cardio per day.


Exercises To Use To Double Your Fat Loss Results

Certain kinds of exercises are better than others for this type of training.  Here’s a partial list to start with.

- sprints , hill sprints

- Prowler pushes, sled dragging

- Kettlebell swings, cleans, snatches, etc…

- Tire flipping

- Sledgehammer training

- Sandbag training

- Bodyweight training (pull-up & pushup combos, burpees, kip-ups, mountainclimbers)

- Battling Ropes of Death


Turns out.. these are pretty much the same great fat loss exercises we do at bootcamp!






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Hill Sprints Club – For Serious Leg Strength – Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

Hill Sprints For Serious Leg Strength – Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

SprintingAthlete 300x274 Hill Sprints Club   For Serious Leg Strength   Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

Sprinting For Strength Power and Overall Awesomeness

Hill Sprints For Serious Leg Strength – Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

Each week when I have to come up with another set of exercises designed to assault every fat cell in my bootcamper’s bodies, there’s one exercise that I almost feel “guilty” if I leave out.  Big surprise eh? Doesn’t take a retired meathead to figure this one out.  So more weeks than not we start with some variety of hill sprints.


Why then you may ask do I favor them over pretty much everything else?   Let me start my answer by asking you a question… Have you ever done a series of 3-5 hard hill sprints?   If so, you likely already understand why.  There’s very few exercises that can so effectively annihilate you so rapidly.


Working at 100% intensity means you’re producing the most force you can possibly produce, which equates to both increases in strength as well as increased rate of force production (Power). But sprints offer more still.

Of course there’s the fat loss due to an increase in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)… but the part I’m most excited about them is that sprints breed athleticism and overall awesomeness!


We use hill sprints since we have such a nice hill just outside the gym.  We also do loaded hill sprints using sandbags or kettlebells and often mix a couple different exercises into a mini-circuit.


Folks rocking out KB loaded hill sprints in the dark…

Definitely increasing their overall AWESOMNESS quotient!

Check it out…

0 Hill Sprints Club   For Serious Leg Strength   Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness


Please leave your comments about hill sprints below.


How Much Will You Sacrifice To Achieve Your Dreams?

To Achieve Your Dreams What Will You Sacrifice?

franco deadlift 300x218 How Much Will You Sacrifice To Achieve Your Dreams?

This takes sacrifice!


I want you to stop for just a moment and think a little about your fitness goals.   Maybe it’s to lose 10 lbs or add another 25 lbs on your bench press.  But what I really want you to do is expand your “goals” into dreams.  Imagine that you could develop your dream body or get to a level of strength and conditioning that you had only ever dreamed of before.  How much will you sacrifice to achieve your dreams?


Does it feel like you’re already sacrificing everything you can to be the best you can be?

Think again!

Now watch this video… then tell me whether you’re doing everything you could be to be the very best version of yourself that you want.

How To Achieve Your Dreams…

0 How Much Will You Sacrifice To Achieve Your Dreams?


Notice how creative he was at finding ways to get the proper coaching he needed to achieve his dream?

If your goal is to get stronger, leaner, and in better shape… think for a moment about how people did it years ago.  They didn’t have fancy gyms with all the latest $10,000 pieces of equipment?  I mean really.. how much sense does it make anyway that to get in shape today, people go to a gym where they run on a $10,000 treadmill that uses electricity to operate?

Good God.. just go outside and get shit done!  Run up a hill.. run down a hill, run around the park, do some pushups, do some pull-ups.

And if you want professional coaching so you can achieve your dreams, then start thinking about all the things you do that eat up your money and give you very little in return.

Starbucks… replace with Tim Hortons… coffee and tea is a third the price.  Better yet.. buy some dark chocolate covered coffee beans and just eat one or two when you need a boost.

Lunch out vs. lunch prepared at home?  Save you $5 every day.  There’s a million more examples.



Think you’re doing everything you can?

Think again…


What about your last workout?  Did you leave any reps behind that should’ve been yours?  Did you skip your abs at the end of the workout because you were tired?  Did you try to get out of your last set of the Prowler? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge..)


How’s your nutrition intake?  Are you skipping meals?  Are you eating junk you shouldn’t be?  Are you NOT getting enough protein?  Are you skipping your veggies because it takes too much effort to prepare them?  Are you eating only fruit and no veggies?  Are you eating only veggies and no fruit?  Are you eating garbage supermarket cereals for breakfast?  Toast with jam for breakfast?  Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast?  Tim Horton’s breakfast?  McFatties breakfast?  Cafeteria lunch?


Get my point?


To Achieve Your Dreams It Takes Sacrifice!

If you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals, dig deep inside, search yourself through and through and ask yourself how much will you sacrifice to achieve your dreams?


Most people never do this exercise… and that’s why MOST people settle for average.


Will you settle?

Or sacrifice and achieve your dreams!




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A Must Do Muscle Building Exercise For Becoming Unstoppable

Crucial Muscle Building Exercise

So you say you want to be unstoppable?  If that’s the case, then you absolutely MUST hit up some HEAVY farmer’s walks.  Heavy farmer’s walks are a must do muscle building exercise for becoming unstoppable.

farmers walk A Must Do Muscle Building Exercise For Becoming Unstoppable

The Farmer's Walk - A Serious Muscle Building Exercise

For years I did heavy shrugs as part of my upper body workout, but as my deadlift improved, and eventually became higher than the amount I could shrug, I lost interest in doing them so heavy, and reverted to higher rep shrugs, and often with dumbbells as I really liked the range of motion that was possible with dumbbells more than with barbells.

Although heavy farmer’s walks aren’t necessarily the best overall muscle building exercise, the mental toughness, and overall loaded conditioning they contribute makes them an absolute must!  Because when the weights get heavy enough this exercise will separate the doers from the talkers!



A Functional Muscle Building Exercise

Today, every muscle building exercise we do at PhysXtreme serves directly to help make us unstoppable!  And HEAVY farmer’s walks fit this purpose exactly.  Not only does it give an excellent time-under-tension for muscle building, but it requires that your whole body is constantly stabilizing itself against the load as you walk, so it’s highly functional for both athletes and ass-kickers alike.


Here’s a video from my upper body workout last week, featuring of course… HEAVY farmer’s walks!


Hope you enjoy the video, love it if you would leave your comments.

Muscle Building Exercise Video

Please leave you comments below.

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Spartan Race… Are You Tough Enough?

The Spartan Race is the ultimate answer to the question: Are You Tough Enough?  This grueling obstacle course race defines a strict line between those that have it and those that don’t.



Much like the training we do at PhysXtreme Athletic Performance, this race is NOT for everyone.  The Spartan Race is NOT for people who are not willing to truly step outside their comfort zone and engage themselves completely in something that will truly challenge them!

We’re putting together a PhysXtreme Team to tackle the Spartan Race and help raise money to build homes for our troops.  Just a personal word here… I support our troops, but not necessarily the reasons that our governments put them in harms way.   I’m just sayin’ !


Whether you train with us at PhysXtreme or not, if you’re up for the challenge you’re welcome to join our team!


Please RSVP to me no later than Friday, June 18 to join our team.

Please RSVP by emailing me at:


If you’re on the fence about whether you can do it or not, watch the video again.  Take note of all the different people who are doing it.  Some are clearly warriors, evident by how they look and how fast they complete the race, while others, are also warriors, but evident by the fact that they are there… doing it… PERIOD!


Hope you will join us!



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How We Classify Athletes At PhysXtreme Athletic Performance | athlete classification

I’m often asked how we differentiate our training between experienced athletes, and those with little experience in the weight room. One important distinction however, should be made. An athlete can be quite experienced in his/her sport (say a 19 year old hockey player), but have very little experience in the weight room, and have a poor ability to control their posture during weight training exercises.

It is a mistake to consider a skilled athlete to be a skilled lifter in the weight room. For this reason, at PhysXtreme, we have specific grading criteria that we use to determine the type of training program that we give to an athlete.

Whenever an athlete comes into our facilty, we run them through a specific warm-up routine with specific movement assessment patterns built into it. Our assessment of the athletes movement patterns allows us to create a map which most efficiently takes us from point A to point B. Without such an assessment, programming training variables would be blind. Blindly programming training for any athlete will produce average results at best.

Programming must be based on the preparedness of the athlete, and must both increase performance and decrease risk of injury.

Training Methods:

1) Maximal Effort (ME): Training uses maximum loads of generally 90%+ loads.
2) Sub-maximal Effort (SE): Lifting submaximal loads to near failure. 80%-90% loads.
3) Modified-Repetition Effort Method (RE): Lifting submaximal loads to near failure. < 80% loads.
4) Dynamic Effort Method (DE): Lifting submaximal loads at the highest possible speed. Load dependent on goal.

At PhysXtreme Athletic Performance we classify athletes as follows:


1) Inability to perform bodyweight exercises with correct technique.
2) Training involves mostly bodyweight exercises with an emphasis on general full body movement. Basic barbell technique is also taught with an unloaded bar.


1) Bodyweight exercise proficiency is nearly achieved though still lacking sufficient strength of movement to move into the next class.
2) Weight training with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells is introduced using the Repeated Effort method with loads no greater than 12-20 rep ranges.
3) Bodyweight training still trained during all sessions.
4) Introduction of the Dynamic Effort method through use of jumps, hops, throws, medicine balls, etc. is used to teach explosive movement and improve rate of force production.


1) Bodyweight exercises are mastered.
2) Introduction of Sub-Maximal Effort method.
3) Use of Repeated Effort method for improving muscular weaknesses and body composition.
4) Use of Bodyweight training for strength, increased muscle size, and conditioning continues.


1) Possesses excellent body awareness and can move through space with control and precision.
2) Ready for more complex training methods and movements.
3) Maximal Effort method introduced with sets of 1-5RM based on the specific preparedness of the athlete.
4) Training focus is significant increases in strength to aid in power output during sport.
5) Concurrent use of Dynamic Effort and Repeated Effort methods for increased athletic ability and increased
muscle size.


1) Very likely that athletes will have moved on to semi-professional or professional sports by the time they reach this level.
2) Generally an athlete will only reach this stage of development if their natural athletic ability is extremely high, and their
specific preparedness increases faster than the average athlete, allowing advanced methods to be used sooner.
3) The Dynamic Effort method is a focal part of training at the advanced level. The DE method is used to heighten the expression of power output. This requires an already tremendous strength base.
4) The Maximal Effort method will continue to be used with loads that allow for 1-3 repetitions to be performed.


As in all areas in life, there are always exceptions to the rule. If we have a new athlete with tremendous strength in the weightroom, but who has not mastered bodyweight training, they would be classified as to the average of their abilities. Our training system will bring up their weaknesses, while not allowing their strengths to become detrained.

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What Separates The Best From The Rest?

There are always some people who succeed in life and in lifting despite their limitations or situations. So what separates the best from the rest?

What separates the best from the rest is simply…

The desire to out-suffer the competition in efforts to win in both life and lifting. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your job, your relationship, or your workouts, whether you win in the end depends on how hard you’re prepared to work at it!

Sometimes you may feel that you’re defeated before you even start… we’ve all been there. This is where a good coach comes in. If you’re stuck in a situation at work, find a mentor, someone who’s been there done that, who can offer you some insight on how to solve a problem that may seem impossible. Believe me.. there are answers to every problem. What’s usually lacking is the courage to seek someone out to ask the tough questions to.

If it’s your relationship, it doesn’t mean failure if you go to a relationship therapist to get help… seeking the the help of a relationship therapist is courageous! And if it’s your workouts, if they suck, if you feel like you just can’t push any harder, or if you feel like you could be doing more but you’re not sure what… find a good coach who’s willing to help.

Regardless of the situation, what separates the best from the rest, is the desire to improve, and to work through the pain, and to seek the advice of a good coach when you can’t handle it yourself.

Today, 5 local rising MMA (mixed martial arts) stars, came to PhysXtreme Athletic Performance to see if what we do can help them improve. These guys are all pretty tough, they’re strong, well conditioned, and clearly well trained in their fighting skills. But they came, checked any egos at the door, and gave everything they had in what was probably one of, if not the most difficult workout of their lives.

They left, soaked in sweat, callused hands, but with a smile on their faces.

Beaten as they were, why the smile? Because they know they just made one of the best decisions they could make.

Looking outside the box, for the answer that’s not necessarily evident from the get go, they searched for what could make them better.. and took action!

To Matt C, Matt, Cedric, Julien, and Laurent, I’m honored to have worked with you guys today, and I have a sneaking feeling I’ll be seeing more of you guys!

Keep it up!

icon smile What Separates The Best From The Rest?

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Why Choose PhysXtreme?

When you finally decide that despite all the bootcamps, trainers, and gym memberships you’ve had, you’re still not in the kind of shape you want to be in… where do you go next?

Why choose PhysXtreme Athletic Performance?


We know what the body needs to get in top shape. Today, every infomercial, and gimmicky new fitness product or nutrition product try to sell you on getting your dream body… EASILY!

Give me a break!

Are you kidding me?

Getting the body you desire comes from busting your ass! Not trying to find the latest greatest “guaranteed easy” way to get in shape.

So if you’re finally ready to commit yourself to an exercise program capable of delivering what you need… call and we’ll book you in for a trial workout.

But please understand, what we do at PhysXtreme is NOT for everyone. You must be or become comfortable being uncomfortable.

The workouts we do will make your life flash before your eyes…

Call now as our spots are limited and are filling up quickly!


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How To Increase Power Production in Aspiring Athletes

Are you frustrated by that window of time between when a new athlete in your gym starts to learn the power clean and the time they can actually use enough weight to really improve their power production?


If so… I found the solution..

Check it out…


Give this a try at your next workout and let me know how it goes!



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