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20 Fat Loss Secrets Slide Show

Posted by on November 28, 2011 at 10:02 pm

20 fat loss secrets slide show 20 Fat Loss Secrets Slide Show


20 Fat Loss Secrets

Is 20 too many?  Or too few?

The bottom line is that these 20 (though some may seem obvious) are definitely gonna help you reach your fat loss goals.

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The Truth Sometimes Hurts | overeating

Posted by on November 9, 2011 at 2:49 pm
i constantly overeat2 The Truth Sometimes Hurts

The Truth Sometimes Hurt


The Truth About Overeating Sometimes Hurts

The image above is sort of funny in a sense but there’s actually truth in both sides.

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Hill Sprints Club – For Serious Leg Strength – Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

Posted by on October 27, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Hill Sprints For Serious Leg Strength – Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

SprintingAthlete 300x274 Hill Sprints Club   For Serious Leg Strength   Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

Sprinting For Strength Power and Overall Awesomeness

Hill Sprints For Serious Leg Strength – Exceptional Fat Loss and Overall Awesomeness

Each week when I have to come up with another set of exercises designed to assault every fat cell in my bootcamper’s bodies, there’s one exercise that I almost feel “guilty” if I leave out.  Big surprise eh? Doesn’t take a retired meathead to figure this one out.  So more weeks than not we start with some variety of hill sprints.

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Ottawa Bodybuilding Precontest Diet Progress Report

Posted by on October 16, 2010 at 2:48 pm

We’re back today with Greg Charron’s Ottawa bodybuilding precontest diet progress report.  Here’s his week 1 comments and progress pics.

 Ottawa Bodybuilding Precontest Diet Progress Report
Front – Week 1
 Ottawa Bodybuilding Precontest Diet Progress Report
Back – Week 1
Monday Sept 13th, 2010
Week 1
I received my diet instructions Monday evening.  At first it was overwhelming, but at the same time exciting.  I studied the pages printed over and over and anything I was unsure of, I responded with a list of questions.  Shane was always prompt and detailed with his responses.
Because I had been eating like a bird (around 2000 calories per day), by the second day of eating well over 3,000 calories, I could already see significant changes.  I had more energy, my muscles appeared more full, and they certainly felt harder.  I was also sweating like crazy!  My internal furnace was revving up!
With all this extra energy, my workouts also really improved. I was happy, and only after 2 days!  I looked forward to how things would shape up in the days and weeks to come.
On Friday when we met for the second assessment, I was really impressed with the changes, and more importantly, so was Shane!  I could tell I was on the right track with plenty of time to go until the show.
- Greg
I’ll be back tomorrow with Greg’s week 2 progress report.
Please post your comments below.

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Ottawa Bodybuilding Coach and Trainer Discusses Pre- Contest Diet Methods

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 12:07 pm
Recently, an old old friend contacted me about getting my help in preparation for the upcoming Ottawa Bodybuilding Championships on November 6th.

I wanted to document his transformation so you can see what I do, and I asked Greg if he would give me a brief week by week synopsis of his experience working with me from the initial assessment we did right up to how he feels after he won.  Ooops.. I mean right up until after the show.  (hehehe)

Here’s Greg’s email to me with his feelings on the initial assessment.

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Top Five Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight and How To Fix It

Posted by on August 13, 2010 at 2:17 pm
cardio twister Top Five Reasons You Arent Losing Weight and How To Fix It
I’ll Give You A Hint!
Losing weight, or more importantly, losing body fat is an obsession in North America. Doesn’t matter where you turn, weight loss and fat loss ads are everywhere. Today, almost everyone is more educated about nutrition and health than ever before, yet our population continues to punch yet another hole in their belt to encompass their growing bellies. Kind of ironic… like the more we try to learn about it, the worse the problem becomes… strange… or is it?
Selling You The Solution
So yes, there’s a problem that in my opinion was partly created by the food industry, but now, as if selling you 2L Super Big Gulps with over a thousand calories of pure sugar wasn’t bad enough, the same people who got you fat (the food industry) are trying to sell you the solution.
It’s crazy! I was renting a movie not too long ago and when I got to the cash, you know how they have chocolate bars and chips and all that set up as impulse buys, well there was this chocolate bar and when I saw it I almost lost it!
Here’s this damn thing, with huge letters all across it advertising the fact that it only has 80 calories per bar. But the killer is that its price… wait for it… $3.99
Four fricken dollars for 80 calories? I can head down to McDonalds and get at least 500 calories for a measly 4 bux!
What a rip off!
Yet people buy this crap all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting 500 cal at McFatties is any better… but I’m just trying to say that big industry is ripping you off and making you fatter in the process.
They can give you 1/5th of the calories and charge triple the amount. Huh? Who the hell ever agreed to that?
Well you do every time you buy this garbage.
If you’re eating properly, you can eat a REGULAR old chocolate bar from time to time (remember the 90/10 rule) and it won’t end up as stored fat at all.
The problem is that when you’re wired to eat more calories, spending $4 on an 80 calorie chocolate bar does NOTHING to solve the problem. Want to solve the problem? Stop buying crap,eat good, natural foods, and exercise more!
Now that I’ve vented a little, I feel better. Here’s the Top Five Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight and How to Fix it!
Starting with number 5.
5. Nutritional Knowledge – Paralysis by Analysis!
You do NOT have to know much about nutrition to lose weight. Our grandparents knew virtually nothing about nutrition and when it was necessary, they could lose weight. How? They moved more and ate less!
One of the main reasons for our society’s growing obesity issue is that people who need to lose weight hide behind searching for the HOLY GRAIL diet that will guarantee them the most healthy and effective way to lose weight.
So instead of grabbing an apple and heading out for a bike ride, they get on the internet and spend hours trying to “learn” as much as they can about how to lose weight and get in shape.
Then, hours later, they’re famished, and they raid their fridge and plow back a “low fat” bagel with “zero sugar added” jam… because that’s what they happened to read on the latest diet-guru website. Of course they also vow to get back to the gym on Monday.
Folks.. acquiring information does NOT produce RESULTS! Only ACTION produces RESULTS!
Of course I’m not telling you to stop reading my newsletters as a trusted source of information is important to have when you really need it! icon wink Top Five Reasons You Arent Losing Weight and How To Fix It
4. Cooking Ability
Before I met my wife, I basically ate everything just boiled or baked with not much else than salt and pepper for flavour. I ate what I was supposed to, because I WANTED the results you get from eating the right stuff.
Of course, now, food tastes much better and I don’t think I could ever go back to eating tuna straight out of the can… or worse.. mixed with my oats as I would often do.
But if you’re spoiled and food has to taste good or you won’t eat it, then learn how to cook nutritious meals. Prepping and cooking your foods, and then preparing meals doesn’t have to take as long as you might think.
I’ve set up a Kitchen Bootcamp at the Urban Element, and if you haven’t booked your spot yet, please email me ASAP to reserve your spot! We’ll be covering meal planning, groceries, preparing, storing, and finally meal preparing along with many different spice combinations for different types of dishes.
While cooking ability isn’t a MUST for losing weight, it definitely has to be in my Top 5!
3. Not Being Honest With Yourself!
As a coach, I hear excuses all the time. And the only thing worse than hearing other people’s excuses is having to hear your own.
“I only drink zero-sugar juice”
“I’m starting to workout again next week so eating (whatever junk) this won’t matter”
“I’m big boned”
“My metabolism is slow”
These are just a few examples of excuses people make all the time.
excuses vs results balance Top Five Reasons You Arent Losing Weight and How To Fix It
You can justify them all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an excuse. In this life you can either have excuses or you can have results, but understand, they’re on opposite sides of a balance.
So if there’s even just a tiny part of you deep inside that actually wants results… you have to STOP MAKING EXCUSES!
2. Fear of Hard Work!
This one has to trump them all… well, all except for the number one reason that is. If you head over to the recumbent bicycle at the gym, and “very carefully” set yourself at 60% of your maximum heart rate to ensure that you don’t “accidentally” get out of the fat burning zone, then I’m sorry, but you’ll probably always be battling your weight.
Yes, it will work for some people, and hey, good for you if you can get what you want with the bare minimum effort, and if you are able to lose weight like this, the only thing you’ll lack is any real fitness and conditioning levels. But I don’t imagine you’d care anyway.
If you are serious about developing a powerful, well conditioned, and LEAN MEAN FAT-LESS MACHINE, then stop worrying about whether you leave the fat burning zone, and see how hard you can work for a change.
If you look like this after you finish training, you can bet your sweet tooth that you’ll get the body you want!
0 Top Five Reasons You Arent Losing Weight and How To Fix It
Nothing, and I repeat, Nothing Beats Hard Work!
1. You CANNOT Out-Train A Bad Diet!
The 90/10 rule is a beautiful thing. It allows us to eat anything we want in reasonable quantities and still lose weight. Gone are the days when you must be ultra strict to ever lose any weight.
The truth is, there never was a time when you actually had to be ultra strict to lose any weight. We know now more than anything the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT part of losing weight is consistency of your actions.
That said, if you are consistently eating badly, or you’re actually following the 70/30 rule, or worse yet the 60/40 or any other combination… YOU WONT GET WHAT YOU WANT!
It is IMPOSSIBLE to train enough to make up for a bad diet. So if you’ve been having dessert every night, or eating crap cafeteria food every day at lunch, or eating well Monday-Thursday, then binging from Friday-Sunday… you just won’t get the results you’re after!
Time to be brutally honest with yourself. Use a food journal and keep track of what you eat for a while and it will stare you back in the face, as plain as day. Once you can admit that you’re eating the wrong stuff too much, the 90/10 rule is just NOT that hard to switch to. You still get some goods on a regular basis, and you’ll get the body you want!
Is that too much to ask?
Of course no top 5 list of why you aren’t losing weight would be complete without mention of exercise. The type of exercise you do can make a huge difference in whether you lose weight or not.
why you can%27t lose weight 2 Top Five Reasons You Arent Losing Weight and How To Fix It
If you’re using the latest fitness equipment gimmick, you’ll likely fall off as fast as you hopped on. And while treadmills, lifecycles, and elliptical machines can help you burn off stored body fat, you’ll spend more than twice as much time on them to burn just half the body fat you would if you performed high-intensity intervals with full body exercises.
If you’ve been hearing about this high-intensity interval training stuff for a while now but aren’t really sure what the fuss is all about, I run a bootcamp that is easily the toughest thing you’ll ever do, but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will strip the fat off you as quickly!
Don’t believe me? I’ll give you three completely free sessions to try it and see for yourself. Even after that, once you join, I’ll give you a full 30 days in case you change your mind.
If you want to try it, head over to www.YourBeachBodyBootCamp.com and sign-up for your free trial. If you’ve already entered your name and email at the bootcamp website but have not activated your trial, go to www.shanmillerfitness.com/bootcamp/trial.php and get started today!

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Kitchen Boot Camp Fat-Loss Friendly Food Preparation and Cooking Class

Posted by on August 6, 2010 at 8:44 am
If you’ve been reading my newsletters for any time you already know that nutrition is the number one thing you have to nail for fat loss to occur.
So what’s the big deal and why isn’t everyone losing weight?
Most people will say they are too busy to plan, purchase groceries, prepare foods in advance, and cook.
But in reality, nobody is too busy to do it, most people just don’t know exactly what they need to do, and HOW to do it efficiently, so they end up grabbing whatever is fast and easy (= processed junk) and their health and body is ruined in the process.
So to help you guys really figure this stuff out once and for all, I’ve teamed up with Carley Schelck, owner of The Urban Element, to to provide a 3 hour hands on food preparation and cooking class.
We’re going to call it Kitchen Boot Camp!
 Kitchen Boot Camp Fat Loss Friendly Food Preparation and Cooking Class
The Urban Element (on Parkdale)
Carley is going to provide us with her Master Chef who is also a registered dietician to teach us the most efficient ways to prepare our foods in bulk, and will show us how to prepare 5 and 15 minute meals based on the nutrition principles I teach in my 7 Day Fat Loss Guide.
The course will cover:
1. How to plan your meals for the week in advance
2. How to ‘safely’ navigate the grocery store
3. How to prepare your foods in advance
4. Food storage and safety.
5. How to combine your prepared foods to create quick 5 minute and 15 minute meals.
6. How to spice foods for fat-loss friendly flavour.
You will leave with printed copies of all the recipes we cook in the class as well as a few extras.
The reason that this class is going to be so effective at helping you with your fat-loss goals is that it is not just a course where you sit and watch. Yes, you will sit and watch at first, but then you will DO!
And true learning only occurs when you DO things!
You will actually clean, cut, and prepare all your veggies and meats, put them into storage containers as though you were going to stock your own fridge. Then you’ll actually choose from your containers and put together quick and easy yet nutritious meals. You’ll make some meals that take only 5 minutes for when you’re really under the gun, and you’ll also make some others that take 15 minutes for when you still need quick, but not mad quick! icon wink Kitchen Boot Camp Fat Loss Friendly Food Preparation and Cooking Class
The class will be 3 hours long, and will be on either a Thursday or Sunday evening from 6pm-9pm.
Included will also be two glasses of wine expertly paired to the meals we cook and eat.
If you aren’t familiar with the Urban Element, it is that gorgeous new place in the old fire station on Parkdale Avenue.
Please visit their website to check it out: www.theurbanelement.ca
Spaces are limited to between 20-30 and will fill up very fast. Availability is on a first come first serve basis.
The cost for the entire event is $100 plus tax. Spots can be reserved with a deposit of $50.
I don’t try to sell you guys on very much, because I don’t buy into most of the B.S. that is out there, but this is different. This is huge value! The skills you will learn in this class are essential to keeping fat-loss friendly eating habits for the rest of your life.
So now I AM trying to sell you on this! And I’m not making a penny on it! I just really believe in this and I want you to do it!
For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact:
Carley or Oliver at 613.722.0885 x101/102
carley@theurbanelement.ca or oliver@theurbanelement.ca

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The Skinny Fat Bastard Solution

Posted by on July 15, 2010 at 4:48 pm

After the article I wrote last week entitled The Skinny Bastard Solution, I received a few emails from a bunch of guys who were inspired and wanted some additional help with their training and diet.

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Watch 2 Pounds Of Fat Get Torched Before Your Eyes

Posted by on June 25, 2010 at 10:28 am

Every wonder what 2 lbs of fat being torched before your very eyes looks like?

Well wonder no more…
Check this out:
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that combining that kind of a workout with a diet that supports fat loss, and your body will have no choice but to shed that extra body fat.
And if that appeals to you, head on over to http://www.YourBeachBodyBootCamp.com and take advantage of the completely free 1-week trial I’m offering.
And if you’ve already entered your name and email address at my bootcamp website, please use this link to activate your free 1-week trial instead.
If you like the video and want to see more like it, just let me know down below in the comments section.

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Ottawa Boot Camp Member Loses 4 lbs In Just 3 Weeks

Posted by on June 23, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Here’s an email I received from one of my bootcamp members yesterday.

Hi Shane,

I won’t be able to make it to tomorrow’s class, and while I know I don’t have to inform you of sessions that I can’t make, I wanted you to know because I am taking this program very seriously, and I actually feel BAD and am very disappointed that I am forced to miss my workout tomorrow!

I wanted you to know that you are having a very positive impact on me and I am feeling very motivated by your Ottawa Bootcamp program. Although I am very tired after an early morning rise and a long day at work, I feel I have more energy than ever to tackle all the things (and more) that I need do.

In addition, as I am working so hard physically, its motivating me to make a bigger effort to improve my eating habits – still, I am not perfect, but I feel the small changes I’ve made to date have definitely made an impact.

I jumped on the scale today and I am down 4lbs from when we started!

Talk about motivating!

This is just what I needed to see – and so soon in the program is so awesome… and I wanted you to know!

Having said all this, I know that the road ahead will be challenging – it’s easy to see results fast if you work hard in the beginning but the real challenge is in maintaining the hard work to keep progressing towards the goal!

In the past, I might have given up when it gets tough, but with your help, Shane, I’m confident I’ll reach my goal and finally get in the best shape of my life!

– Name Withheld


Well thank you very much for your email, and I promise to keep my end and do everything in my power to help you get there!

icon smile Ottawa Boot Camp Member Loses 4 lbs In Just 3 Weeks

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