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As I look back on nearly 20 years of coaching, I have been deeply impressed upon by the way fitness can be a vehicle for change in peoples’ lives.  However, I am all too aware of the pitfalls when desire for a better body and a better life meets day-to-day reality.

My own physique transformation during my twenties saw me gain close to 50 lbs of muscle over a period of 6 years. Juggling full-time school, a variety of jobs, relationships, and of course a little fun, it was always a challenge, but by never losing sight of my goal and with dogged determination, I achieved my goal of developing a body that I could be proud of on any beach.  My passion to change my body turned a lot of heads, and before long, I was training, and dieting bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitors for competition.  What I had learned through my own experimentation with my own body served me well with what was to become my business.

The years of hard bodybuilding training took their toll on my body, which gave me a new goal.  To learn how to build not only bigger and stronger muscles, but bigger, stronger, faster, more explosive muscles with resistance to injury.  To this end, I spent considerable time working with post-rehab patients and special populations as well as began working with athletes to learn the best methods for turning ordinary athletes into dominating forces on the field.

To this end, I focused my attention on the methods of Zach Even-esh and Joe Defranco, and Louie Simmons, arguably three of the worlds top strength and conditioning coaches.  I traveled to New Jersey on three separate occasions to learn from them, hand on, becoming an Underground Strength Coach certified coach.

Ultimately, whether your goal is to increase strength, gain lean muscle, lose body fat or to develop bone-crushing force to dominate your opponents in your sport of choice, a commitment is required. In today’s rushed pace, wasting your time is not an option, so when you make a commitment to improving your health and fitness level it has to be a sure thing.

The hallmark of my business has always been my personal commitment to each and every one of my clients. There’s an old expression that says, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”, and in this industry, it is the essence of truth and success.

“People Never Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care”

With so much misinformation, not to mention downright unscrupulous and deceitful attempts to steal your hard earned money, about how to affect positive health and fitness changes in your life, people jump from one trend to the next hoping the latest thing is the thing that finally works. When in the end, success in achieving lasting permanence with your own health and fitness is completely dependent upon the relationships formed by you and the people in your life who you are affected by.

Some of my clients tell me that my ability to figure out their unique physiology and psychology and to translate that knowledge into their blueprint for change is almost supernatural. However, for me, it all rests on my love for positively affecting the lives of people.

In efforts to continue to help people form great relationships and in the process become stronger, leaner and meaner, I’ve opened a high-performance training facility for young athletes and adults called PhysXtreme Athletic Performance.  At PhysXtreme our programs are designed to challenge you and push you beyond your perceived limits. You will not believe what you can do in the right environment, surrounded by the right people, and with the right mindset.

Are you ready for change?

I invite you to join me.


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