Gonna Get Me Some Natural Bacon… or NOT

Natural Bacon Come On… Who Doesn’t Love it?

i love bacon Gonna Get Me Some Natural Bacon... or NOT


Natural Bacon?  Fooled Again!

Well folks we’ve been duped again! At least I was.


Who doesn’t love bacon… right?  I damn love the stuff, but I don’t eat much because I know it’s unhealthy.

All those nasty nitrites and nitrates right?


Well not long ago these new Maple Leaf Natural bacon packages started appearing in the Local Loblaws and I was so excited to see that they “appeared” to contain none of those nasty preservatives.  I bought 6 packages and went home and got some eggs and bacon cookin’ right away!


Not So Natural Bacon

not natural bacon 1024x635 Gonna Get Me Some Natural Bacon... or NOT

Well… as it turns out I was duped!  In the Maple Leaf Natural Bacon ingredient list is an ingredient called “cultured celery extract”, which contains high levels of sodium nitrate.

What I didn’t know is that in addition to this new Natural Bacon, regular bacon, and other cured meats, pretty much all vegetables contain sodium nitrate. It’s a common mineral in the soil, and is thus absorbed as the plants grow.

Apparently though, when found naturally in vegetables, the negative affects of the nitrates in our body are countered by the high levels of natural anti-oxidants found in the vegetable.


In this Maple Leaf Natural Bacon, they don’t add any Nitrates or Nitrites, but they use a “cultured celery extract”, which is simply a concentrated form of celery containing high enough levels of naturally occuring nitrates to do the job they’re supposed to.


In this Natural Bacon, the cultured celery extract has too much nitrate compared to anti-oxidants.  So the ratio doesn’t provide the anti-oxidant protective effects you get compared to eating foods that naturally contain nitrates and anti-oxidants like beets and spinach.. two of the vegetables containing the highest amounts of naturally occurring nitrates.


As it turns out, vitamin C is the major anti-oxidant that prevents the formation of the carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach in the presence of excess nitrogen.  So what I’m wondering is… could we supplement with a couple 1000mg vitamin C (ascorbic acid) chewable tablets just before consuming bacon?


I wonder if this would help keep it healthier for us.  There is some research that supports this position.




Unfortunately there is also research that demonstrates that while adding ascorbic acid (vitamin C) does slow down and even block the production of some nitrosamines, it can accelerate the production of other nitrosamines.


Of course.. there couldn’t be just one nitrosamine.. and vitamin C would block it right?  There has to be tons of different kinds so that we can’t have a straight and clear answer.


Some other reading I did also spoke about the fact that if products like bacon had a zero nitrate or nitrite content, they would be grey in colour.  Guess that’s why they have to put it in there.  Who would by grey bacon?  Yuck!


I’d love to hear your comments on this one!

Please leave them below in the comments section!





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