Strength Training For Athletes – Man Up Monday

Strength Training For Athletes

Hercules Tire Flip Strength Training For Athletes   Man Up Monday

 Strength Training For Athletes – Man UP!

Strength Training For Athletes gets our athletes, bigger, faster, stronger, and more mentally tough than traditional bodybuilding and pretty-boy pump up your pecs and biceps training that you see commonplace in most of the big chain gyms today.


When I was younger I knew nothing about the intelligent, balanced type of strength training for athletes that I now use in my own training and with our athlete groups and bootcamps.   I merely followed all the training programs of all the biggest bodybuilders in the gyms and in the muscle magazines.


The programs I followed helped me put on close to 50 lbs of muscle from my 18 year old weight of 145 lbs at 6′ 2″ tall, but I developed many strength imbalances and never truly learned how to master safe and effective training techniques which are critical when designing strength training for athletes.   The  ultimate result was many injuries of which a few still affect my ability to train today.


Bodybuilding and pretty boy/girl training is training that focuses on appearance.  If this is how you train, it will catch up with you over time.  The strength training for athletes that we do today develops superior strength, power, speed, and overall athleticism.  It also builds muscle size, but not the useless muscle that does nothing except slow you down that bodybuilding and pretty boy pump up training does.  And traditional strength training for athletes is also not all it’s cracked up to be as it ONLY develops strength in a few specific dimensions.


tire flips for chicks Strength Training For Athletes   Man Up Monday

Tire Flipping… Not Just For The Guys!


Traditional Strength Training For Athletes

MOST strength training for athletes relies heavily on Olympic weightlifting.  Exercises like cleans, power cleans, snatches, jerks, push jerks, etc… form the bulk of the training.  Undoubtedly the olympic clean and jerk and snatch are certainly the best display of pure power.  I mean athletes who focus heavily on these movements can definitely produce the highest levels of power, as they move very heavy weights pretty damn fast.  But they do this in a very specific plane of movement where the movement is perfectly timed and executed flawlessly.

In my opinion, no program that involves strength training for athletes would be complete without it… but what is even MORE important is strength and power development with odd objects which helps prepare the body for the real world sporting environment where things don’t line up perfectly to allow you to get into the perfect position to exert maximum force.

Whether you’re an MMA athlete, a hockey or football player, or a wrestler or athlete of some other contact sport, if there is contact between players, then you will often have to rely on your ability to generate forces in sub-optimal positions.  Strength training for athletes that ONLY focuses on the olympic lifts will result in suboptimal preparedness when it comes down to the crunch.


Optimal Strength Training For Athletes

The type of strength training for athletes we do involves sandbag training, kettlebells, sledgehammers, heavy sleds, battling ropes, and of course massive tire flips.  Tire flipping is probably the ultimate exercise for developing mental toughness as it pits you against a massive practically unmovable object that requires both massive strength and power production to successfully flip it.


Here’s a video taken a couple weeks ago of yours truly realizing that I’ve got LOTS of MANNING UP to do.  I got 2 sets of 3 reps with our 800 lb tire.  Subsequently, last week I was able to get 2 sets of 5.  It wasn’t pretty, and it was nearly a life or death battle on my final set to get the last rep, but this is the kind of physical and mental training that is absolutely critical for developing the optimally developed athlete.  Getting this tire off the ground is practically like doing a 1RM on deadlifts followed by a 1RM clean to move the tire from hip to shoulder.. then you have to do it again.. and again.. No room for pussies or cry babies!



The take home message is that if you want your contact sport athletes to have optimal strength and conditioning development, they need to train with odd objects during both strength training and conditioning training.  If they don’t, watch them get left behind by those who do the right kind of strength training for athletes!


Please leave your comments about strength training for athletes in the comments section below.




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