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lazy people13 How Lazy Can You Possibly Be?

How Lazy Can You Possibly Be?

I’m gonna start off 2012 with a rant.

This world is full of ridiculous examples of laziness.  And I’m pretty fired up right now because I just received an email from someone that put me over the top!

As you may or may not know, I did a Groupon back in August as a way of generating buzz and new membership for my absolutely awesome bootcamp (a lil’ shameless self-promotion), and 182 people bought my Groupon.


The Groupon was good for a full 6 months from the date of purchase.  It allowed the buyer to have 8 bootcamp style workouts.  Shortly after the first batch of people came in to redeem their Groupon coupons, I realized I can’t just dump 10 new people into a class, as there’s not enough time in 30 second intervals to teach safety and technique to each person for things like kettlebells, sledgehammers and tire flipping.  So I decided to implement a mandatory orientation session for everyone coming in with a Groupon coupon.  After they complete the orientation they can pick which bootcamp classes they come to from the schedule posted online at the website (


Within 2 months of the Groupon going out, I had about 50% of the buyers come through the door.  Of those, I’ve had quite a good retention rate.


But now, as the Groupon coupon is expiring on Feb. 11th, I have people calling me and wanting to know if they can use the Groupon PAST the expiry date.  And today I even got an email from a woman who was very upset that she can’t make it to the orientation session until two weeks from now, and that means she will only have two weeks to use her remaining sessions.


I might have actually let her use it past the expiry date, but she was indignant and spoke to me as though I OWED her.


Lady.. if you’re reading this… you paid $29 for 8 workouts.  That’s normally $150.


If you make it in to just 2 sessions, you’ve already paid less than the price of 2 drop-ins ($20 ea.)


So if you’ve got a Groupon for my bootcamp that expires on Feb 11, I really don’t want to hear all the reasons why you’re leaving it until the last minute to use it.

I mean really… how lazy can you possibly be?

I’m here to help action takers.  If your plan was truly to use it in January that’s cool, but wouldn’t it have been smart to at least call me or email me earlier on to find out what the rules are etc…?


There you go!


My first rant of 2012!

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2,568 Comments "How Lazy Can You Possibly Be? | rant"

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