PhysXtreme's Julien Leblanc Gets The Win At Hybrid Combat MMA Fight Night | strength training for mma

IMG 0555 768x1024 PhysXtreme's Julien Leblanc Gets The Win At Hybrid Combat MMA Fight Night

Julien literally kicked the crap out of his opponent!


Athletic Strength Training For MMA Athletes Is The Key To Julien Leblanc’s Unanimous Decision Win At Hybrid Combat Fight

PhysXtreme client Julien Leblanc now (5-0-0) was victorious Saturday, November 26th, winning by unanimous decision against his opponent at the Hybrid Combat MMA Fight Night.


We had a ringside table at the fight and a number of our other clients, and MMA athlete, along with Coach Alex Schwartz were there to support.  Unfortunately (well, fortunately in other ways I guess), I was in NZ at the time and missed the fight.


Fighters have long held the belief that strength training slows them down and hurts their fighting performance.  But this belief is finally starting to change.  Traditional strength training for athletes has been bodybuilding style training, and true to the belief, this type of strength training will slow down the fighter and hurt their performance.


Fighters are finally starting to embrace a type of strength training that would best be described as MMA specific athletic strength training or strength training for MMA athletes.


Strength training for MMA athletes involves building strength, power, and speed as well as muscle size if necessary (when a fighter needs to go up a weight class), all while focusing on agility and mobility.  The real key is the hybrid of training movements done.  When done properly, this type of training breeds athleticism as is seen by some of the top fighters in the UFC, and of course in our very own Julien Leblanc.




Strength Training For MMA Athletes

Julien’s training is a unique blend of Olympic lifts, Westside style powerlifting, and athletic strength and conditioning training.  If you stuck your head into the gym on any given day you might see Julien doing cleans, box squats, climbing rope, flipping tires, or pushing the dreaded prowler.


Because of Julien’s large frame, we’ll be working on helping him go up a weight class over the next year.  It will take a lot of work, but the strength training for MMA athletes we do at PhysXtreme will make all the difference.  Previously Julien had gone up in weight but with more traditional bodybuilding style training and it really impaired his performance.  Thankfully Julien’s in the right place, training with other like-minded athletes and the results speak for themselves!


If you ask Julien what he likes about the training we do at PhysXtreme, he’s likely to tell you that there’s no other place that will allow him to physically prepare his body enough for his fights.  If you ask him what he likes least about PhysXtreme, he’ll likely tell you it’s when I do ART on his tight pecs and lats.


It always amazes me.. he can get in the ring and take due punishment on the way to his wins, but my little thumbs make him wince!  Hahaha!


Stay tuned for more as Julien continues his rise and his raises his hand again in MMA victory


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1,228 Comments "PhysXtreme's Julien Leblanc Gets The Win At Hybrid Combat MMA Fight Night | strength training for mma"

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