Awesome Fat Loss Tip For Xmas

christmas rocks Awesome Fat Loss Tip For Xmas

Fat Loss Tip (Cool Illusion) For Xmas

The image above contains a really cool optical illusion that correlates
strongly to the fat loss tip I’ll be sharing with you in just a moment…


The Illusion in The Image Above

If you stare at the image for about 60 seconds, all of a sudden out of
nowhere appears a beautiful Xmas tree with blue lights all over it and a
really bright star on top!


Ok, so you might be wondering what this has to do with fat loss at Xmas
other than their Santa hats.  Well…

The Fat Loss Tip Illusion

You know how it is… you arrive at yet another Xmas party and there’s scores of ridiculously fattening foods, tons of alcohol, and you wonder how you’re going to make it through the night without gaining ten lbs in one shot.


Your stomach and mind are giving you an ILLUSION of sorts.  They’re showing you something that’s not really there, or something that’s there that isn’t really that important.


It seems really hard to take your eyes and mind off the illusion.  Because in the end, if you give in and pig out for whatever reason, afterwards you’ll be asking yourself why you did it.  We’ve all been there before so you know this is true!


The illusion is the problem.


But there’s a simple trick that can make the illusion vanish (or at least make it much fainter).


Of course if you are determined to pig out, nothing can
prevent weight gain, but if you’re determined NOT to gain
weight, this tip will make a big difference.


 Beat The Illusion With This Super Easy Fat Loss Tip

TIP:  Keep an apple with you at all times.  Keep one in your
purse or briefcase; another in your drawer at work, and
another in your car.


Armed with this great fat loss tip, next time you know you’re
going to be at an Xmas party or some other function where you’ll
surrounded by all that food and drink, eat an apple on your way.


You’ll be very surprised at how this simple fat loss tip of a simply
eating an apple can change your brain chemistry and give you seemingly magical will-power
over foods and situations you thought you couldn’t manage.


Give this awesome fat loss tip a try this holiday season and let me know how it goes!

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1,260 Comments "Awesome Fat Loss Tip For Xmas"

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