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Flying High…Hull Fat Loss


I’m pretty high right now.. about 38,000 feet high that is… somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

It got me to thinking about what some of the rewards are, other than the obvious (fat loss, increased strength, core strength, more useful functional muscle, etc…), for those that rock out at our Hull fat loss PhysXtreme bootcamp.


Too many people today expect something for nothing.  The WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) attitude is all too prevalent.

But really, it’s not entirely their fault.  They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that getting what you want in life is easy.


Take for instance fat loss.  Next time you’re at a magazine store, take a look at any of the dozens of “health and fitness” magazines.

Look at the wild claims and promises they make.  Lose 30 lbs in 30 days.  Get six-pack abs in six minutes a day.  The list goes on.


Make no mistake about it, the fat loss process is simple.  Engage in proven results-producing behaviours that leads to fat loss…  and repeat!

The critical mistake is confusing SIMPLE for EASY!  All of our Hull fat loss bootcamp members “get it” when it comes to this difference.  When they come, they bring it big time!

Their work ethic is legit!


We have members who come and within no time their fat loss results are crazy.  But we also have some members for whom it takes a little longer.  Sometimes fat loss just stalls, apparently for no reason.

If your only goal is fat loss, this can be mighty discouraging, so having secondary fitness goals and/or performance goals (such as flipping a bigger tire) can really help to divert your attention until your fat loss kicks back into gear!

Tire Flipping To The Rescue

Flipping a heavy tire is so damn hard and we have a tire heavy enough to challenge just about anybody.  At our Hull fat loss bootcamp our biggest tire weighs in at 800+ lbs and requires not only lots of brute strength but some pretty good athleticism to get enough leverage to flip it without being crushed!

One of our members, Michelle has been busting her butt for the last few months trying to finally own our 400 lb tire and you just have to see her reaction.

Hull Fat Loss

0 Hull Fat Loss Bootcamp in Action

What’s really hard to believe is how much fun you can have working SOOO friggin’ hard towards such a cool goal!



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