Man the F**K Up!

That’s it! I know this post is really gonna piss some people off… but I just have to say it… it’s time to Man the F**K Up!

I just heard through the grapevine that a 13 year old boy living in this area has been given a doctors note so that he doesn’t have to do any strenuous physical activity at school because it’s hard on his joints.  Now I actually know who the kid is, and while the kid is a little overweight, I think strenuous activity is exactly what he needs.  Kids recover from strenuous activity much easier than adults, so if this kid is given a get-out-of-gym-class pass now, what chance does he stand the rest of his life?

Little Bitch 300x210 Man the F**K Up!

Now this all came about because of a well intentioned mother who likely pushed for the note because her son was complaining of sore knees, but then really, why is the kid overweight in the first place?


Kids today are in trouble.  They grow up with both parents working.  They grow up with Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox.  They grow up without gym class, and when they do have gym class, many kids sit out when the exercise gets too hard.  And gym teachers aren’t allowed to force the kids to keep going.  God forbid we “force” any of our kids to get in shape these days!

Don’t even get me started on the nutrition aspect… (lunchables… WTF!?$*&@#??) that’s another story altogether!


I’m looking outside right now, it’s after school, on a pretty nice day, and there’s not a single kid in sight, yet I know we have easily 30 or 40 kids on our street.  Why is this?  Because they’re raised in large part by electronics.  School homework is all done on computers; there’s facebook; twitter; and of course the video games.


Now I’m not coming down entirely on electronics.. I use it too.. but I find there’s a real problem when it’s a beautiful day, the school buses have already dropped all the kids off, they’ve ran into their homes, and they don’t come back out to play!


When I was a kid it was an entirely different era.  When we got home from school we dropped our bags off and then tore off to play outside with anyone else who was game for whatever!  We ran, we climbed trees, built forts, played tag, and got so dirty.  But it was great, we got rid of so much energy, that our parents stood a chance when we came inside.


When I was a kid, at school, running laps, climbing monkey bars (which have all mostly been removed due to the overzealous safety police), doing sit-ups and pushups was considered the best part of the day.  We would look forward to getting out in the playground and tearing it up.. we wrestled with each other, challenged each other to races.. who could jump the farthest, run the fastest, hop, skip, bound, leap.. you name it!


If we’re to stand a fighting chance at raising our kids to become physically strong and healthy, we need to start by not finding excuses as to why they can’t do things, but ways in which they can.


Today, a real physical education is next to impossible to get through the public school system.  Everything has to be so safe that nobody gets ahead.  This is one of the reasons why I started PhysXtreme Athletic Performance.  We’re a place where kids can come to get a real physical education.  To truly learn about how to develop their bodies.


Take a look at these videos from Russia and Poland of their physical education classes.  And if you’re a parent, stop by your kids school next week and sit in on a gym class.  Worlds apart!







Notice in the above video how the kids are all pretty focused on their training. There’s no goofing off, no problem kids. This is due to the leadership of the teachers. Contrast this to typical training environments for kids today.

I wanted to make sure that kids who have a dream to become accomplished athletes have a place to train with other like minded kids, in an environment that builds not only the body, but the mind.  Mental toughness, character, accountability, and leadership are four traits seriously lacking in much of today’s youth, and it is my goal to help foster these values in our young athletes.


I would love to hear your feedback on the state of physical preparedness of our kids these days.

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