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After years working as a one-on-one personal trainer, operating out of a number of different gyms, and two private studios that I started, I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to open my own high-performance training facility for athletes and hardcore fitness enthusiasts!

If you’re an athlete… you know you’re an athlete.  If you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast you know you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast.  You’ll fit in here perfectly!

If you don’t consider yourself as either, my gym may not be for you.  But here’s how you can tell:

If you’re comfortable going to the gym day in and day out and staying the same… then we’re not for you.

If you’d prefer to ride a recumbent exercise bike than run hill sprints… then we’re not for you.

If you’d rather sit on some fan-dangled shiny new exercise machine designed to isolate (whatever your favourite muscle group to train is) instead of attacking a tire with a sledgehammer… then we’re not for you.

If you’d rather read a newspaper or magazine between sets instead of doing farmer’s walks… then we’re not for you.

And generally if you:

*Like loud pumping music

*Like pushing yourself to the limits every workout

*Believe that shorter, more intense workouts are best

*Look for smarter ways to train

*Understand that your body won’t change the way you want it to unless you get your diet in gear and stop making ridiculous excuses

*Want to train in an environment with other like-minded people

*Want to be held accountable to your goals

*Understand that you will be kicked out if you say you are like this… and you’re not!

If these statements ring true to you… then call me at 613.852.5230 or shane@PhysXtreme.comto book your free trial workout.


Anyone wishing to join will be tested during a free trial workout to make sure you’re capable of doing our workouts.

We offer one-on-one personal training, small group personal training, fat loss bootcamps, and team sports strength and conditioning programs.  We’ll also be working exclusively with competitive athletes during certain training periods.  So if you know anyone who plays on a competitive sports team, please pass along our contact info.

If you’re still here… cool.  Here’s a few pics of my space before, and during the construction.  We’ll be all set-up and ready for business on Monday, January 10th.  Our Grand Opening is Saturday, January 29th, from 9am-2:30pm where you can come down and try out a free class.

IMG 4424 smaller 300x200 PhysXtreme Athletic Performance

PhysXtreme - When it was just an idea!

photo2 300x224 PhysXtreme Athletic Performance

PhysXtreme - While we were painting

new logo3 3 300x162 PhysXtreme Athletic Performance

The New PhysXtreme Logo - Come Prepared!

photo3 e1294441385648 300x224 PhysXtreme Athletic Performance

PhysXtreme - Equipment on the left - Sleds, Prowlers, Tires on right

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