Ottawa Bodybuilding Precontest Diet Progress Report

We’re back today with Greg Charron’s Ottawa bodybuilding precontest diet progress report.  Here’s his week 1 comments and progress pics.

 Ottawa Bodybuilding Precontest Diet Progress Report
Front – Week 1
 Ottawa Bodybuilding Precontest Diet Progress Report
Back – Week 1
Monday Sept 13th, 2010
Week 1
I received my diet instructions Monday evening.  At first it was overwhelming, but at the same time exciting.  I studied the pages printed over and over and anything I was unsure of, I responded with a list of questions.  Shane was always prompt and detailed with his responses.
Because I had been eating like a bird (around 2000 calories per day), by the second day of eating well over 3,000 calories, I could already see significant changes.  I had more energy, my muscles appeared more full, and they certainly felt harder.  I was also sweating like crazy!  My internal furnace was revving up!
With all this extra energy, my workouts also really improved. I was happy, and only after 2 days!  I looked forward to how things would shape up in the days and weeks to come.
On Friday when we met for the second assessment, I was really impressed with the changes, and more importantly, so was Shane!  I could tell I was on the right track with plenty of time to go until the show.
- Greg
I’ll be back tomorrow with Greg’s week 2 progress report.
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