WOW – Lower Body Workout Of the Week – Jun 16 – 2010

This week’s WOW is a lower body strength workout with a lot of core emphasis.
As you progress through the workout, make sure to keep your focus on bracing your abdominals throughout each movement.
Top to bottom time 75 minutes including all warm-ups.

Foam Roller: Quads, Hams, ITB, T-Spine, Lats

Tennis Ball: Piriformis
Dynamic Stretching: Quads, Hams, Hip Flexors, Pecs, Lats
Activation: Glute bridges, band x-walking, band pull-aparts behind neck
Skipping 5 minutes
Mobility: Cossack squats, Kneeling kip-ups
Strength Training:
1 ) Safety Squat Bar High Box (1-2″ above parallel) Squats 4×5
2) Trap Bar Deadlifts 3×7
3) Reverse Lunges from 6″ box 3×9
4)Glute & Ham Raises 5×8
5A) Grappler Barbell Twists 3×15
5B) Band X-Walking 3×12
Foam Roller: Quads, Hams
Tennis Ball: Piriformis, Glute Medius
Give this workout a try and let me know how it goes in the comments section below!
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1,010 Comments "WOW – Lower Body Workout Of the Week – Jun 16 – 2010"