Low Back Pain Solution

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bad+sitting+posture Low Back Pain Solution

 Low Back Pain Solution

Any solution for low back pain must of course fit the cause of the pain, of which there are many. But a common cause of low back pain is excessive lumbar flexion when bending forward. There are cases where some people have tremendous lumbar flexion without problems, but just because they can, doesn’t mean you can or should even try.
Don’t Try This
back pain Low Back Pain Solution
Just Because Some Other Silly Twat Can Do It!

When you have to bend over for whatever reason, you should be trying to get as much movement at your hips, otherwise you your lumbar spine usually takes up the slack.

This is tough for many simply because the mechanics of flexing at the hip are unfamiliar. An excellent exercise to help develop good posterior chain strength and good hip flexion/extension mechanics is the 45 degree back extension.

The 45 degree back extension is also good for those who are not strong enough to do normal flat back extensions.

Key Technique Points:

1. Maintain neutral arch throughout movement.

2. Brace abdominals firmly throughout.

3. Pull into top position with glutes, not lower back.

4. Avoid lumbar flexion on descent.

5. Mental focus should be on maintaining rigid torso through abdominal bracing and moving only at the hips.

Progressions for 45 Degree Back Extensions

1. Add external resistance using dumbbells, barbell across shoulders, or plates at your chest.

2. Use accommodating resistance such as bands or chains.

3. Use one leg only. (this provides additional benefit due to additional torque from rotational forces which must be resisted – this is an advanced technique)

4. Reduce rest between sets.

VIDEO: 45 Degree Back Extensions

Other Considerations:

If your hamstrings are too tight or too short, your range of motion may be very short forcing you to round your back to make much of a descent. If this is the case, resist the urge to go deep, and only do the range of motion possible with the neural lumbar arch. And of course, a good deal of hamstring stretching is on order as well.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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