Don't Screw It Up Again

Don’t screw it up again this year!

Already, millions of people are screwing up on their New Years’ Resolutions.

The reason?

exercise you%27re doing it wrong Don't Screw It Up AgainYou’re Doing It Wrong!

They have no PLAN!

They get all fired up over their goals as the new year approaches, but without a plan to make it happen, failure is inevitable.

Goals are great to have, but they don’t happen by themselves.

some motivation required Don't Screw It Up Again

Life throws us curves, and often it’s simple things that mess it up. A good example is procrastinating your workout until a “later” opportunity that you think would be better. Only problem… shit happens… and when it does, you’ll kick yourself in the ass for not having done it before.

a plan Don't Screw It Up Again

A plan contains specific tasks that fit on a timeline. Today’s
tasks need to be completed TODAY!

Not tomorrow. Tomorrow has it has it’s own tasks.

If you don’t even have a plan, you’re flirting with sameness.

Is that how you want to be tomorrow? And the day after? The same?
Always the same?

If so, that’s your choice, so be it… but I don’t and I won’t,
because I have a plan, and it’s in action each and every day!

If you don’t have a plan… you need one. Don’t even bother with
anything else until you have one.

Create Your Plan NOW!

Here’s what you need to do to reach your strength and fat loss goals
for 2010:

1. Write out your goals.

e.g. I will gain 15-20 lbs of muscle over the course of the year, and drop 10 lbs of body fat.

2. Break them down into smaller goals.

e.g. I will gain roughly 1-1.5 lbs of muscle each month, and I will drop about 1 lb of body fat per month.

3. Assess whether the goals are realistic.

Not all goals are good ones. If you’ve been a complete couch potato your whole life, deciding to drop 30 lbs of bodyfat in a month is not too smart. If you actually try, you’ll burn out on the way, and even if you succeed, you’ll likely regret it later when you regain it all back and then some!

goals like mommy Don't Screw It Up Again
A 1-2 lbs gain of muscle per month is realistic for most people with a serious, focused commitment. And a 1 lb of body fat loss per month is normally not too difficult, but with a goal of 1-2 lbs of muscle gain each month it becomes a bit more difficult, although not impossible.

4. How will you measure progress?

e.g. use scale to track body weight, and use skinfold calipers to measure fat loss, or a scale that does a bioelectric impedance measurement to get a body fat measurement.

5. Get your hands on a good strength and conditioning program and diet advice from a trusted source. If you missed it, I put together a great article on how to build a great strength training program, and you can access it here: program.html

And my 7-Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Guide contains some of the best nutrition advice you’ll find anywhere.

You can access it for free here:

6. Take action!!

So what’s it gonna be?

Is 2010 going to be your year?

Your Strength and Fat Loss Coach,
Shane Miller, CPT, CSN

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2,076 Comments "Don't Screw It Up Again"

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