Finally A Meat That Vegans Can Eat

Scientists have finally done it! They’ve been at work long hours in their labs, trying to create the perfect meat that vegans can eat. Of course I’m saying this a little tongue in cheek, but in essence this is exactly what researchers from Eindhoven University in the Netherlands have created!

Described best as “soggy pork”, the researchers say that what they’ve created is a sort of “wasted” or very atrophied muscle tissue. One of the things they’ll be working on is trying to find ways to “work” the meat.

Can you imagine? A little petrie dish strength training session for a hunk of artificial meat?

Scientists have taken live muscle cells from a live pig, and plopped it into a petrie dish and the cells grew, multiplied and essentially turned into pig muscle.

No one has volunteered yet to taste the meat, but the researchers feel that their pork, could be on sale in as little as five years.

Animal rights groups have had only positive comments so far. Citing that so long as the meat doesn’t come from a dead animal, or that no animal was harmed in the production of the meat, then they have no ethical issue with it.

Additionally, considering the continually increasing greenhouse gas emissions from raising animals for slaughter, the idea of growing a steak with zero emissions is definitely interesting.

If the meat is biologically identical to what would come from an animal, is safe and healthy to eat, reduces pollution, and pleases environmental and animal rights groups, then folks, it seems to me like we’ll have a winner!

Although it’s just in it’s discovery stage, since it’s not genetically modified or engineered, there would be a guarantee of no pesticides or hormones, and if they say it tastes as good as a pork tenderloin… I may have to try it!

What about you? Would you try it?

Love to get your thoughts on this!

Please leave you comments below.


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