Strength Training Workout of The Week

Due to popular demand, I’ll be putting up the strength training workout of the week. Each week when I work with my one-on-one private studio clients, there will often be a workout that is so good, in fact, I’ll even get jealous that they get to do it and not me. So I may post it as the strength training workout of the week.

For you guys who are my one-0n-one private studio clients, you may recognize one of these workouts as your own! icon wink Strength Training Workout of The Week


Skipping 5 minutes

Soft Tissue Work
Foam Roller: Quads/IT Bands/Lats
Tennis Ball: Piriformis/Glute Medius

Activation Work
Glute Bridge w/Medball between the knees
20 sec isometric squeeze then 10-20 reps

Serratus Pushups 10-15 reps

Wall Slides 10 reps

Tube External Rotations 10-20 reps ea. side

Strength Training Workout

Always work up to your heaviest weight for each exercise with a couple lighter warm-up sets first. For example, if your working weight for 5 reps on Box Squats is 150 lbs, then you might do your warm-ups as follows: 1x6x45, 1x5x95, 1x3x135… then move onto your work sets.

For exercises where technique is more of an issue and you aren’t using that heavy of a weight for your working sets, you may find you don’t need any warm-up sets. This may also be true of subsequent exercises for each body part, as they will be warmed up well from the previous exercises.

1a/ Box Squats 5×5
1b/ 1-Dumbbell Push Press 4×6

2a/ Supported Pistol Squats 3×10
2b/ Weighted Pushups 4×10

3a/ Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 4×8
3b/ Blast Straps/TRX/Barbell Inverted Rows 3×10

4a/ T-Twist Abs 3×20
4b/ Band X-Walk 3×10

Move from one exercise to the next immediately within each superset group.

Rest a minute between each superset group.

Do this workout, then let me know how it went in the comments section!

Kill it!

icon smile Strength Training Workout of The Week

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