Day 6 Review of Your Beach Body Boot Camp

Today we have a short one for you, just guest blogger Katy Sinha’s review of
Your Beach Body Boot Camp.

Day 6

Boot camp this morning had MORE push ups and I don’t think I was fully recovered from previous day because my chest was still killin’!

Thankfully, Shane showed me how to do a variation by bringing my arms in closer to my body so I worked my triceps much more this time and my chest much less. Wouldn’t it be faaaabulous if I actually developed tricep muscles again?!

So there’s this sneaking rumour going around that Shane wants to increase boot camp days to 3x/ week. Monday, Wendesday, and Friday. I wonder if I can commit 3 mornings per week as I have to juggle my family responsibilities which include 2 baby girls and a husband’s work schedule.

My husband is definitely not a morning person however he has graciously been getting up with the girls on the mornings of boot camp so I can get my butt in shape. I’ll have to work this out at home before I can commit.

I think Shane even commented on this aspect of getting in shape. He said that you’ve got to set yourself up for success which includes getting your partner on board. If he/she is eating junk in front of you, you’re more likely to cheat also.

Same goes for this 3rd day in the boot camp schedule. I need my partner’s full support. Given that he works long hours and I respect that he does need sleep in the mornings, I think I’ll have to look elsewhere for caretaking of my kids. Perhaps my neighbor who is up early with her kids, perhaps my Mum can come over early one morning a week. I’ll figure it out and let you know.

Now, why is Shane increasing the frequency? I’m still feeling the work out after each session… is my body already getting muscle memory and not working as hard as when I started? I’ll ask him on Day 7.

Let’s talk results now.

When I started boot camp, my lower back was in a constant state of vulnerability due to an old sports injury. Whenever I twisted or bent over, I would feel a little pull, or tingle which told me to be careful or I’d have a sore/tight back for a few days.

Since day 4 at boot camp I have not had any pain or sensitivity in my lower back. My abs and core are finally tight enough to handle the daily movements that I (as a Mum with 2 kids) endure. That alone is a milestone for me.

In addition, my whole body feels ‘tighter’, more together. I feel like I have much more energy throughout the day and my appetite has definitely picked up. I feel less inclined to reach for empty nutrition foods. I can honestly say that my brain is driving me towards healthy nutrient rich foods.

Yippee! Yes, I do want to come 3 mornings/week so I can enjoy more results!

See you after Day 7


I’ll be back tomorrow with Katy’s review of Day 7.

Until then,

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Shane Miller, CFT, CSN
Your Strength and Fat Loss Coach

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