Add 25 lbs To Your Bench in 3 Hours with Curd Hos

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Here’s what I sent out yesterday:

I just got off the phone with my good friend Curd Hos, who I haven’t
spoken with in a while. Curd has been in the fitness industry for
even longer than I have, and let me tell you, my conversation with
Curd was eye-opening.

Curd told me that as a lifetime drug-free powerlifter he’s finally
hit the 600 lbs mark on the bench. Curd is 41 years old too folks,
so don’t think for a second that if you’ve had a couple kids, and
you’re over 30 that you can’t still get your bench up.

If you’re interested in getting some top-notch coaching on your
bench press, Curd is hosting a bench press seminar on August 29th

Check it out:

Spaces are limited to just 6 people, and at $75 it is an absolute
steal. I’ve paid over $250 for similar seminars in the past, and
while the mantra of you get what you pay for is almost always true,
I will personally guarantee that when you leave Curd’s seminar, you
will agree that you would have paid easily double or triple what
Curd is charging for it.

On top of the low price and everything you’re going to learn, Curd
is also throwing in for free:

1. 6 week detailed training program – $75 Value
2. NeoGenixx Performance Supplement Package – $75 Value
3. Bench Freak T shirt -$20 Value

So what’s the catch?

Well I’m pretty sure, that once you meet Curd, and you realize how
awesome he is, you’ll probably return to his store to pick up your
protein powders, essential fats, basic multi-vitamin / multi-
minerals and anything else you might need.

So yeah, I think that’s the catch, but it’s a win-win.

So if you’ve been struggling with your bench, head on over to:

and sign up right away.

Until next time,

icon smile Add 25 lbs To Your Bench in 3 Hours with Curd Hos
Shane Miller, CFT, CSN
Your Strength and Fat Loss Coach

P.S. that link once again is:

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