Your Beach Body Boot Camp Day 3 Review by Katy Sinha

Day 3 boot camp this morning and I was expecting thunder storms and buckets of rain early morning but somehow we were spared.

Your Beach Body Boot Camp

Dynamic Stretching

New drills were added to our routine which worked upper body more. I’ve now started to identify some areas of my body that are my ‘weak’ spots. My lower back has long been a trouble area due to an old injury so I’m really enjoying all the killer abs exercises. Not that I love actually doing the crabwalk and all variations of the plank (didn’t know Shane could come up with so many ways to make the plank new again), but I can feel my core tightening again. This is, of course, a blessed feeling after having had my 2nd baby only eight months ago.

Your Beach Body Boot Camp


More on this plank exercise… Shane had us down on the ground, face in to the dewy grass with elbows and toes touching ground. This is the basic plank pose. THEN, he says “now lift your right hand up to the sky by rotating your core up, then come back down and rotate your right arm straight under your left shoulder… that’s ONE repetition. Do ten on each side.” Of course, he makes it look quite easy as though it would fit into a yoga class. I did my ten repetitions and knew that I’d be hurtin’ around my shoulder blades after this one.

I’ll let you know how I’m feeling after this Thursday’s day 4.


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I’ll be back tomorrow with Katy’s review of Day 4.

Until then,

Shane Miller, CFT, CSN

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