Bench Press Safety Tip

I was at the gym last week and saw a guy doing the bench press with a thumb-less grip. I approached him and respectfully suggested for safety reasons that he use a full thumbed grip on the bar citing injury potential as outweighing any potential or perceived benefits of a thumb-less grip.

I found it a bit odd that he really tried to persuade me that it was safe enough if done “carefully”, and that he was careful.

Granted, you may never have an accident, but just like the risk of lumbar disc injury from rounding your back during a deadlift, the thumb-less grip on bench press is just asking for trouble.

Take a look at this video and see for yourself the kind of “impact” the thumb-less grip can have on you!

If that isn’t enough to get you to use a full thumbed grip… then just make sure you do this kind of thing in your home gym so we don’t have to deal with your ignorance here!

Grip it right or get out!

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355 Comments "Bench Press Safety Tip"

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