Equipment Arrives!

With plans of starting a family, I decided that the 2 hours per day of travel time to and from work in the winter was going to be too much to handle. So the decision to put a training studio in my basement was put into action.

The planning took a couple months, and the construction took another couple, but it’s finally come together. Before I started, my basement had the normal unfinished appearance.

IMG 9507 Equipment Arrives!
Main Space

The nearly finished interior as it looked a few weeks ago can been seen in the pic below.

June+18+ +2008+026 Equipment Arrives!
Main Space – Nearly Finished

With the main space finally completed, and after numerous shipping, and customs delays, my equipment has finally arrived. Of course for most gyms that order commercial gym equipment they’ve got big huge garage doors that open and the stuff is just rolled in on a skid and carried to the location in the gym. But for me, everything arrived “assembled”, so I had to “disassemble” everything, carry it downstairs and then “re-assemble” it all again in the studio space.

Spectrum+Fitness+Systems+Private+Studio+ +Aylmer+001 Equipment Arrives!
Equipment Jammed into Garage

June+18+ +2008+022 Equipment Arrives!
The Narrow Staircase and Reason Disassembling Was Required

Spectrum+Fitness+Systems+Private+Studio+ +Aylmer+007 Equipment Arrives!
Main Space – Looking towards entrance.

Another few days and everything will be in place! I can’t wait!

Well that’s it.. just a quick update on the private training studio
in Aylmer.

icon smile Equipment Arrives!

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1,268 Comments "Equipment Arrives!"